A Vent about Commerce

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Ramblings

I’ve constantly been amazed by the number of people who join the dyer’s groups on Ravelry, with their welcome post stating something like “I just dyed a skein of yarn with Kool-Aid and I love it so much I’m about to open my own Etsy shop!  Please help me figure out how to do this!”

Not the Kool-Aid part.  That’s been an accepted way of dyeing for quite some time now (as has Wilton’s icing).  No, I’m amazed that people want to jump right into selling hand-dyed yarn with so little experience.  I’ve been dyeing on and off for ten years and I still don’t feel my stuff is professional to “launch a store.”  I do list some of the things that don’t work out for my own needs, but not “a store for hand-dyed yarn.”  Perhaps it’s simply a confidence thing.  Maybe I don’t have enough.

Once I get past that, I’m astonished that these people have the guts to ask a bunch of experienced dyers (many with Etsy stores themselves) how to do it.  Can’t you do your own research?  And you really expect a bunch of potential competitors to simply hand you the information?

Aaaand…once I get past that I’m always floored that people in these groups do give out the information!  People in these groups are always giving out dye secrets, Etsy tips, undyed yarn sources.  I suppose there are probably a lot of people (like me) who withhold the information, in favor of not inciting too much competition, but I guess you really only need one person to spill the beans.  I’ve learned a lot of interesting dye tips there, but still can’t really believe that people work out these special processes (gradient dyeing, self-striping) and then post the instructions.

But what bothers me the most – the absolute most – about all this, is that half these people cannot spell the word “Dyeing” correctly!  Many of them “love dying so much”!  Argh, even if it didn’t read so funny, it would annoy me; most of you know that already, but…if you’re planning to start a business, and you can’t even spell the technique properly, you probably shouldn’t be starting the business!

What I’m wondering is how many people shy away from stores that can’t spell things properly.  I’m not speaking of a typo here or there, but a whopper like “dying” for a dyer.  Do these people experience lower sales?  Even if I didn’t hand-dye my own stuff, I’d avoid anyone who couldn’t get the basics correct.

I’ve never investigated any of these newbie shops on purpose but am also wondering whether people might fear to shop at a newb store (in case the person wasn’t yet skilled enough with the dyeing).  Maybe the shop owners don’t talk about that in the store information.

Anyway, that’s today’s rant.  I don’t get it.  Do you?

  1. Don Vallere says:

    You would think that dying people would take their secrets to the grave.

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