Shoe Marketing (for a change)

I go to Zappos, I go to Amazon. Both sites (and other US-based retailers like Online Shoes) show a lot of pictures of shoes from different angles. I particularly pay attention to the side view (to see if the heel is too high), the sole of the shoe, and the top-down view (to see how they’ll appear to me while I’m wearing them). All of these sites show the top-down view either toe-up (pointing towards the top of the screen, as if I had them on), or pointing sideways, which is not so bad because I just have to tilt my head to see how they look.

Lately, for grins, I’ve been eying some ($$$$) handmade shoes and boots on Etsy. Most of these are from European makers; I don’t really know why, but they are. England, Greece, Romania, and Spain are the top ones I’ve been looking at. And for some reason all of these European shoemakers show their top-down view with the toes pointing towards the bottom of the screen. As though I’m looking at someone else wearing them. This is 100% unhelpful and I have to pull the photo down and rotate it in my photo program. I’m just wondering why they all think that’s a good way to show it.

The other thing is that the Euro makers rarely show the sole, or an eye-level sideways view. I even emailed the Spanish shoemaker to ask for a picture of the sole, and…she wrote back to explain what the sole is like (but no pic).

I do think a picture is worth a thousand words. I wonder why the Americans have such an obsessive attention to shoe pictures while the Europeans don’t?

Just curious.

4 thoughts on “Shoe Marketing (for a change)

  1. Maybe the Europeans are marketing to the husbands and show the shoe as they would see it. I think the term side view is better than sole view, because we don’t have transparent sidewalks, which is what the second implies..

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