Slacking Off

Yes, we did have several more days of vacation over spring break, but half the photos are in C’s camera, half on my phone, half on my camera, some on A’s camera, and…I’m just too lazy to compile them. I’ve looked at the ones on my devices, and half of them I can’t even remember what I was taking a picture of. Here’s one of Grand Coulee Dam. This was the worst place we stayed. There were only two restaurants; Alex threw up mid-meal at the one we chose. The hotel room was tiny, had big spiders in it, and NO INTERNET! Because my Surface was trying to do an auto-update in a place with no internet, it locked up, and I lost all the docs on my SD card. Not too bad, since most were backed up at home, but it just added to the general irritation factor.

From the Visitor Center
From the Visitor Center

Anyway, we’ve been back for over a month now, and things are much as you’d expect. Rain, cats, knitting, shoes. Not necessarily in that order. I’ve solved my Fluevog Mini issues, and so I am happy to report that a size 8 fits me in the Minis and I will be adding to my collection each season! Whee!

C bought a new car, a Ford Focus ST. It’s blue. Sitting next to my lime green Jeep it’s quite a sight. I want to get hot pink rims for my wheels, but that’s a bit of unnecessary extravagance that will have to wait.

A’s last day of school is June 19. Looking forward to a summer of relaxation.

And that’s really it from Slackerville, USA. Thanks for stopping by.

(For Diane’s benefit I did end one sentence with a preposition. I hope she can forgive me, although I don’t even know whether she reads my blog!)