Posted: November 9, 2013 in Ramblings

A while back, Kristi told us about geocaching. It always sounded fun, but we never got off our butts to try it. But now that I have the camera, and the weather is still cool and dry, and it’s the weekend with nothing to do…we thought we’d try it.

You can find out more about it at, but in a nutshell it’s scavenger hunting, with the aid of a GPS, to find hidden ‘caches’ that others have hidden in public areas. Since we were up in Kenmore to visit the camera store, we decided to start at Saint Edward State Park, to get a little hiking done, and a little easy geocaching to start out.

Just starting out in the parking lot.

Just starting out in the parking lot.

We discovered that our old Garmin GPS unit is only suited to driving, and not to fine nuances of walking. Using this unit and putting in the coordinates told us that we were “at destination” even while we stood at the information kiosk. Luckily, Mr. P. had his fancy-dancy cell phone and used it to find us a map to the coordinates.

Found our first cache!

Found our first cache!

Behind this big tree Alex and I opened the cache container and signed the logbook while Chris took photos.

Alex wanted to do another one, so we did; this one was in an apple orchard. The cache was a ‘micro’ size, just a log sheet inside a pill container, inside a foam apple, hidden in a hollow stump, so we didn’t sign the log sheet because there was no pen or pencil. We also failed to get a photo of that one.

The third one was a ways away. We got to the point where the phone GPS said “0 feet to destination” but it still took us a good ten minutes to find the actual cache. This one we didn’t open and log.

The third cache of the day.

The third cache of the day.

We all agreed on a few things: 1), we need better preparations, including a pen in our bag; 2), this was a lot of fun, 3) Garmin units are no good, and 4) we’re going to do it some more! So, I have joined the Geocaching website (above) and we will buy a Washington State Parks “Discover Pass” to allow us to park for free. (We got lucky today – being Veteran’s Day weekend, we got free parking anyway.)

A fun and photo-filled day!

He finally let me take a real picture of him.

He finally let me take a real picture of him.

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