The Perils of Altering Clothing

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Ramblings

I don’t do this often, but once I get started I’m sort of in this destroying mode for a week or two. Well, last week I went to Macy’s and purchased a pair of brown corduroy jeans. I tried them on in the store, and they fit fine except for being about a full foot too long. I wore them once or twice and ended up with the hems fraying in the back. Since I was in altering mode this week (due to the Derby Swirl Jeans project) I decided to change these.

Since the only thing I wanted to do was shorten them, it seemed I had a choice of hemming or just cutting off the excess. Naturally I took the lazy way out. But my brown-themed clothing is all chosen to have an irregular, organic look, and so the raw frayed edges would go along with that. I cut 6″ off the hems and flung them into the laundry (for the first time) to get the fraying going.

Yeah, well, they shrunk a little in the wash. Not so bad in the waist/hips, but they shrunk enough in the length that I now own a pair of frayed brown cropped corduroy jeans. Pfft!

However! This is not technically a problem, since I actually prefer a cropped length. They will show off my Luxons nicely, when they get here.

But it did warn me to launder things before making irrevocable adjustments. Maybe a simple laundering would have shrunk them properly in the first place. I may go buy another pair, because they were relatively inexpensive, but if I do, it’d probably be a different color.

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