Posted: November 26, 2013 in Ramblings

Recently I bought a bunch of Elsebeth Lavold’s “Silky Wool” to make a skirt on the knitting machine, and I did, and had 9 skeins left over. I offered it for sale in my Ravelry stash, but there were no takers; it sat around, and since the colors are so great I kept trying to think of something to make with it.

Last night I had an idea for a pullover; it would have to be done with colorblocking, because the two colors of Silky Wool in the stash didn’t go well together. Luckily I had some mustard-colored Lang Seta Tweed to break up the two greens.

This morning I decided to challenge myself to see if I could complete an entire sweater (from cast-on to blocking) in one day. Yes, the knitting machine would have to be used.

I did it!

Seta Tweed is the yellow; the other 2 colors are Silky Wool.

Seta Tweed is the yellow; the other 2 colors are Silky Wool.

First I knit the back and the front as identical rectangles. After removing them from the machine, I bound off the shoulder end with a straight bind-off and the hem edge with a picot bind-off. Then I took the front piece upstairs to the sewing machine, marked and machine-stitched a neckline, and cut the excess knitting away. (I have to do it this way because I haven’t yet mastered ‘necklines on the machine.’ That is my project for the holiday season.)

Then the shoulders got seamed, and for the first time I tried hanging the sweater on the machine and knitting the sleeves right onto the body. (Usually I hand-knit sleeves, even on machine-knit bodies.) This was awkward and annoying, and probably next time I’ll just knit separate sleeves on the machine and seam them to the body afterwards. But at any rate, once the sleeves were done, I bound off the sleeves with a picot bind-off, and then seamed the sleeve seams and side seams. Lastly, I picked up around the neckline in such a way that the sewing machine stitches would be hidden, and knit a tall mockneck which then got folded down to the inside of the garment and tacked in place (again, to hide that sewing machine stuff).

The picture does not show it blocked – I’m going to steam-block it later. Ended up with about 3 yards of excess yarn. Now THAT’S what I call stashbusting!

(And ballbusting. Going to have a glass of wine now.)

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