Today’s Geocaching

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Ramblings

Since we were in Kirkland to visit the yarn store, we did a little geocaching. The first picture was an experimental shot. I wanted to see just how well my camera could focus while I was walking along, just idly snapping photos, shooting from the hip, as it were, without trying to focus on anything. So I was swinging the camera around with big arm swoops, randomly pushing the shutter button. This was the only one that came out in focus. But I was really not framing or trying to steady the shot at all.

Taken with the Sony RX100.

Taken with the Sony RX100.

This is a framed, artistic, centered and focused picture of the geocache. We did not open it and sign the log because (a) it was pouring by then and (2) we still didn’t bring a pen or pencil. But here is the photographic evidence of it.

Buried under a rock.

Buried under a rock.

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