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Posted: May 3, 2014 in Ramblings

Alex does homework. That’s not what this post is about.

Recently, both cats have been acting rather agitated. They will run up to a section of interior wall and start meowing at it, or clawing at it. Chris and I suspected there might be mouse activity in the walls, so we had our exterminator service come and do a home inspection. The only place they found activity was in the crawl space, so we are going to have that stripped, sanitized, all the openings blocked up, and re-insulated/re-vapor-barriered (?) and whatnot.

To take our minds off this, we planned some landscaping activity. You may remember our new retaining walls that were put in by the city a few summers ago. The lower wall’s plant bed has dwarf euonymus bushes (which are really rather large; the term ‘dwarf’ no longer really applies) and a giant holly bush which was once a 3′ tall thing in a pot we bought to decorate the porch at Christmas. This thing is growing astronomically. There is also one ‘Marmalade Skies’ rose bush in that lower planting bed, off to the right, and a giant ‘Duchesse de Brabant’ rose bush off to the left. That one is the best-growing rose I’ve ever owned or seen.

The upper planting bed has nothing but ‘Amadeus’ climbing roses (we chose these because they were (a) climbers (b) red and (c) disease-resistant). They too are ferocious growers. We trimmed them all back to 12″ stems last fall and many of them are 4′ high already (or higher). But because they’re climbers, there’s a lot of leafy underpinning without a lot of floral/visual interest, even when in full bloom. What we did this week was purchase several rose shrubs, called “Flower Carpet” (though they do grow higher than you’d expect, with a name like that) and planted them in between the existing climbers, to make a thicker, more leafy and more rosy upper planting bed. We just put them in this morning, and I suffered the usual thorn-related miseries (see below), but we have high hopes of them.

Below that, a picture of the back garden as it looks right now. The new Flower Carpets (the color is ‘Pink Splash’) are in between all the rose bushes on the upper wall, except not in the spaces behind the two largest euonymus (or whatever the plural is) and the holly bush. They wouldn’t be visible there.

My battle scars.

My battle scars.

The garden on May 3.

The garden on May 3.

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