Exploring the Area

Posted: July 13, 2014 in Ramblings

Deciding on a leisurely day of local exploration, we began with breakfast in Stevenson before heading eastward towards Portland. Our plan was to go “part of the way” towards Portland, cross a bridge to the Oregon side, and drive back to Hood River, where one of Chris’ favorite breweries (Full Sail) has a pub. For lunch. And then come back to the hotel and swim/blog/relax. (Nobody slept well last night.)

On the way we saw signs for the visitor center at North Bonneville Dam, so we stopped in, spent a long time learning about fish ladders and the history of salmon fishing in the Columbia River. We did, however, miss the 10AM tour of the dam and did not want to sit around for 2.5 hours until the next tour, so we left.

This is the dam from a distance.

This is the dam from a distance.

We found a little nature walk along part of the Lewis & Clark trail, so we walked it (less than half a mile for the whole walk), and took a few pics which didn’t turn out well enough to share with you.

Then we got going towards Portland again, searching for a bridge where we could cross.

Did you guess what happened? No bridges until we got to Portland, over an hour later! Well, we stopped at a Best Buy because Alex had forgotten his DS charger, and stopped at a Starbucks, and then headed to Hood River and Full Sail. Our plan of having lunch there went by the wayside; we got there around 3, and had a very late lunch just as the World Cup final ended. Then we did come back here to rest/blog/swim.

Tomorrow: horseback riding. Haven’t done that since I was 9 years old; Chris not since he was 12, and Alex, not ever. We’ll see how it goes.

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