You think you’re on top of things…

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Ramblings

This morning’s expedition was a (horseback) trail riding adventure in nearby White Salmon, WA. We packed up a backpack with the essentials (water, sunscreen, wallets and cameras) and headed out.

The company did not want us to carry the backpack, but there were individual pouches by each saddle that would accommodate water, and they offered a CD with “35-50 photos” taken by our guide, for purchase. Well, we decided to buy the CD and stow everything in the car except the water bottles and the car keys. Voila, off we went.

Alex was fervent in his delight in this activity. He spent the whole ride chatting with the young guide, talking about how he wanted to do this more often, and so on. She took pics of all three of us enjoying the ride, and we pretty much had a great time until the last 20 minutes when we all realized how butt-sore and cranky we were getting.

But we made it safely back to the stables, fed our horses each a carrot, and picked up our CD, thinking to share some of these pictures with you today.

Of course you realize the problem. We don’t have a CD drive with us. And since we didn’t take our own camera on the ride, we don’t have any Pick-generated photos for you. When we get home, I’ll upload some, but there is nothing to show you now.

Afterwards? A soak in the hotel’s hot tub, lunch, and now 6 hours of down time while the muscles regroup…

  1. vallere says:

    There’s always those picky little details that get you.

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