Posted: November 21, 2014 in Ramblings

Wow, this morning started off so dully but after my blog post it really picked up.  We went to the swim center – which actually has 2 big, curly water slides (the kind in a tube) – and there were so few people there that the Young Master got to go on the water slide 40 times!  Yes, forty!  Chris and I floated around in the regular pool, chatting about this and that, and watching an increasingly-exhausted Alex first run, then walk, then plod up the steps to the top of the water slides.  He had a ball, and I’m hoping it tired him out to get a good night’s sleep.  Then the three of us went outside into the hot tub – while it was snowing! – and splashed around by ourselves for a while.  After that, some appetizers at the same restaurant as yesterday (no wine, no entrees), and now we’re bunked down for the night.  Snow has continued to fall, and the Snoqualmie Pass is closed:  we seriously hope it’ll be plowed and open by the time we leave tomorrow.  But we have put Suncadia back on the “possible short vacations” list, if only for the near-unlimited water slide enjoyment that Alex got.

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