Camera Woes Again

Posted: March 8, 2015 in Ramblings

I want a weather-resistant (because it’s Seattle), compact (for travel), remote-capable (because I shake too much without a tripod and remote) point-and-shoot.  If you ever stumble across one, please let me know.  I haven’t been able to find a way to narrow this down.  Different manufacturers use different terms for weather-resistant (weatherproof, waterproof, weather-sealed, and so on); many of them are usable with an iOS or Android phone as a remote (and you all know I don’t use those things).  There is no Windows Phone app for any cameras that are weather-resistant.  It’s a tough call!  I’ve been browsing manufacturer sites as well as store sites and can’t really find a way to narrow this down.

I do not mind a 100% waterproof camera but I really only want something that won’t be corrupted if I’m out in the neighborhood taking pics and it begins to rain.

There are quite a few weather-resistant DSLRs (too big, too great of a learning curve for me).

There are a few DSLR-sized point-and-shoots that take remotes (too big).

There are plenty of waterproof point-and-shoots but they don’t have remote capability.

Thanks for keeping your eyes open for me.

My Sony Cybershot HX50V.  This one's for sale.

My Sony Cybershot HX50V. This one’s for sale.

Purchased this camera in 6/14 and took it on quite a few vacations.  I’m selling it, with original box and all accessories plus the pleather jacket case, for $198 total (shipped in the US).  It is still $298 at Amazon (including the jacket case).  Please contact me if you are interested.  Has a 30x zoom and uses SD cards.  It’s a good camera, but my least-favorite of all the ones in the house, and the proceeds will go towards this mythical waterproof, remote-controlled point-and-shoot, if I ever find one.

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