Sensory Experiments

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Ramblings

I have been working with Artyarns “Ensemble Light” recently.  This yarn is so soft and exquisite that I conceived the idea of doing a “cheek test” – rubbing all my most luxurious yarns against my cheek to see which was the softest.  I drew up a chart (by hand!) listing each of the yarns and having an empty column after it for the ranking, which I had expected to be from 1-10.

The experiment started with Arctic Qiviut’s “Arctic Beauty” – a blend of 60% qiviut, 20% German angora (German being the rabbit breed and not the country of origin), and 20% mulberry silk (cultivated silk).  (In case you’re wondering, there is indeed uncultivated silk (sometimes known as “wild” silk).  It is more precisely known as “Tussah silk” and is rougher in general.  Now back to the testing.)  Qiviut is marketed as being softer than cashmere, so I assumed this blend would take the top notch on my chart.  Angora, too, feels very soft because it is a slick fiber, not grabby like wool.  And of course silk – “as soft as silk” is a descriptor for a reason, you know.

But this didn’t really feel very fancy against the cheek.  I assumed it has something to do with the twist of the yarn, and set the skein aside to try Sweet Georgia’s “Cashsilk Lace.”  As you may guess, this is composed of cashmere and silk.  No discernable difference in feel from the Arctic Beauty.  Set it aside and continued.

Next:  Artyarns “Cashmere 1.”  This is a fine singles strand of 100% cashmere, better than almost any other cashmere I’ve ever worked with (the exception always being Filatura di Crosa Superior, which will always be the best yarn ever).  Didn’t notice anything specific about it.  Set it aside and picked up the Ensemble Light, which I’d been saving for last.

My conclusion is that cheek tests are pointless!  There will be a followup to this post after I finish the Ensemble Light project, because my next project will be with the Arctic Beauty.  At least at that time I will be able to report in on “finger sense” rather than “cheek sense”!

Some Ensemble Light from the current project.

Some Ensemble Light from the current project.

  1. vallere says:

    Pretty cheeky comments!

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