Purging the Knitting Archives

Posted: September 5, 2015 in Ramblings

I love to knit.

During a recent analysis of my handknits, I have discovered lots and lots of items that I had great fun knitting, and then stuck in the closet.  I mean, shawls!  When do I wear shawls?  Answer, never.  (And I still have 2 on the needles at the moment, too, though they are going to be big enough to use as blankets.)  I am going to make these available to you.  Here’s a list of what I can remember off the top of my head.  Will get you pictures if you’re interested.  Email me; we’ll work out a price.  All of this is on my Ravelry account; if you’ve got a membership there, you can see the pics and yarns used by searching my projects.  My Rav username is also Kaleidocherry.


  • Ocean Wave – Rectangular turquoise flecked lace shawl, quite thick and warm, cashmere and silk
  • My Date with Roderich – rectangular purple/green/blue lace shawl, airy and beaded, cashmere and silk
  • Tyrian Delight – half-circle lace shawl, deep plum, best worn as a scarf because it’s a little too short to wear as a shawl
  • Black Water – 100% silk (some beaded), black rings alternating with rings of a plum/dusty teal variegation.  Split circle with a drawstring neck.
  • Swedish Getaway – 100% cashmere, very short split circle shawl that would be best as a scarf/neckerchief
  • Dusk on the Moors – 100% cashmere (some beaded), variegated purple/blue/green double-layered circular cape with a drawstring neckline
  • Rings in the Arctic Ocean – qiviut, cashmere and silk, dark teal rings alternating with rings of a flecky green/dusty pink floral type variegation.  Same pattern as Black Water.
  • Caribbean Vacation – Cashmere, silk, silver beads throughout, split circle cape (shawl) in shades of blue and green
  • Effects of Sunlight in the Forest – 100% silk, gold beads throughout, stripes of brown, gold and green, 3/4-circle short shawl

Pullovers (all were knit to fit a 48″ chest):

  • Hey, Dollface! – colorblocked short-sleeve A-line tee, cashmere/silk; bodice is cream, lower section teal, trimmed in brick red
  • Enchanting Lucia – colorblocked yoked tee, cashmere/silk; bodice is mustard yellow, lower section and trim in navy blue
  • Serenity – striped wool/angora in the colors of palest mint green alternating with bright turquoise; trims in royal blue
  • Albert’s Bathing Top – striped 100% wool (somewhat rustic) alternating navy with wine; trims in wine cashmere/silk

Jackets, Cardigans and Capes:

  • The Hughnon – 100% wool (rustic), more than a full circle closed cape in heathered bright purple, with a black collar and gold trim
  • The General Froc – 100% wool (rustic), red heathered pirate-type coat with black and gold trim and gold buttons
  • 95th Rifles – 100% wool (rustic), dark green heathered short jacket with black trim and silver buttons; intended for Chris, but apparently his arms are a lot longer than mine.  I knit it to my standard arm length, and his arms stuck out about 10″!  He looked like Col. Flagg.
  • Plum Crazy – open-front jacket (designed to be closed with a shawl pin); a blend of camelhair and silk, hand-dyed by me in colors of purple, red-plum, and navy.
  • Fleur de Lys – bright blue cashmere/silk shrug with long, drapey, beaded sleeve cuffs
  • Italian Shrug – basic shrug with the right arm in brick red, center back in mocha, left arm in dark pine green
  • Summer Frost – 100% silk (some beaded) short cardigan with a ribbon threaded at the neck to close, variegated pale blue/purple
  • Eringyas’ Surprising Bouquet – cashmere/silk nubbly texture jacket in heathered dusty pink, with a cabled trim in greens
  • Carnival in Lyon – this will fit a much larger person, perhaps up to a 56″ chest.  Bright turquoise cashmere/silk with hot pink accents at neck, opening, sleeve cuffs and hem

Some of these may be less than perfect, so I’m not going to gouge anyone on them.  Give me a poke if you’re interested.

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