Posted: September 7, 2015 in Ramblings

Since we’ve been stuck inside all weekend, due to rain and Chris’ health, when both of these things cleared up this morning we decided to get out and about for our last summer family event.  Our original plan was Ballard Locks, but the pubs we wanted to go to are closed on Mondays!  So we went to Edmonds.  I believe all our family members have been there with us (except possibly Diane), but the USPs haven’t been there for perhaps 5 years.  So we were all wondering how it might have changed.

Pfft.  It hasn’t.  The tea store was still there, the two fashion stores (one of which was closed for Labor Day, which really annoyed me), same restaurants.  Mu Shoe is gone, but there’s another shoe store there – but their brands are basics you can find easily on the internet, like Taos and Sacha London.  A bunch of “gift shoppe” shops.  We went to the beach and I took some pictures, and Chris walked with Alex out to the tip of the jetty, and then we had Mexican for lunch.  After this we came home because there was nothing else we wanted to do!

So, Edmonds is probably not going to factor into any future plans.

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