Motivation and Reality

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Ramblings

I’ve been having this same problem for months.

I see a knitting pattern.  It’s something that looks like it would be interesting to make, or useful (like a coat), constructed in an interesting way, good yarn, good colors, whatever.  Lots of positive reasons that this project could go into my queue.  For an entire day I’m on fire to start it, but don’t, because I’ve got so many other projects on the needles.  So I force myself to wait, and set a goal – like, “once I get to row 100 of my current project, I’ll set it aside and start the new one.”  Then, several hours later, I have lost all interest in the new project.

This is why I’m taking up metal clay work and porcelain.  Also why I’m on this “new photo of the day” thing (which you have no doubt noticed is falling by the wayside…)  I’m hoping something will kickstart me into long-term interest in something.

This is the project that got me fired up this morning.  I may yet knit it…but am no longer in any kind of rush to do so.

The Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman.


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