Glazing Process

Today I’m glaze-firing a new batch of pendants.  These are oval shaped, same clay as before, same paisley designs.  The seven at left have four coats of Amaco’s “Iron Lustre,” and the seven at right have three coats of that plus a topcoat of the Palladium.  I applied the glaze very heavily this time (pretty much obscuring the paisleys) just to see what happened.

In the gloomy Seattle daylight.
In the gloomy Seattle daylight.

Last week (after glazing a bunch of the square pendants to a paper towel 🙂 ) I had the idea to use a cookie sheet for a work surface, and this is brilliant.  So far.  It’s nonstick, so all the glaze that accidentally gets painted onto the cookie sheet just dries into a little ball and can be easily brushed into the trash can.  I am not sure whether any of the nonstick surface might have adhered to the backs of the pendants, and if it did, what effect it might have, but will report back.  These should be done firing in about 8 hours, and then it will take a few hours for them to cool far enough to be removed from the kiln.  But I might have some results for you before bed tonight.

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