And now for something completely different!

I had this sudden urge for a new lipstick.  Lipstick Queen brand is recommended by some of my fashionable friends, so we went off to Ulta today to test some and possibly buy some.

Last night I spent some time on the LQ website reading about all the products and picking out which ones I wanted to try.  Naturally the weird ones caught my eye:  Frog Prince, a green lipstick that “changes with your body’s pH” to become an appropriate lip color, Hello Sailor, a blue lipstick that changes to a raspberry, things like that.

Well, at Ulta I ended up choosing the three that looked best from all these swipes on my hand.


I bought Hello Sailor just because it was so bizarre, Frog Prince, and Sinner in Natural.  When we got home, over an hour after the swipes, I took a tissue and gently buffed my hand (after taking this pic), and all these lipsticks cleaned off easily with very little pressure.  Frog Prince left a little stain, but it was the color of merthiolate, which is NOT a color I want on my lips!

Unfortunately, easy removal is a sort of “anti-criterion” for me.  I need staining long wear.  All these are going back to Ulta tomorrow, and I will stick with Rouge d’Armani.

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