Proper Preparation

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Ramblings

These are the slipcast “shotglasses” that I glazed with Stroke & Coat (1 coat) before they were bisque-fired.

I used homemade slip in a shotglass mold from Michael’s.  Unfortunately my slip was too watery.  Each day I’d pour some slip into the mold, and by the next morning, the water had evaporated, leaving me with a weirdly shaped lump in the mold.  So I’d do it again.  Etc.  So this is about ten days’ worth of pouring wet slip into the mold and letting it dry.

When I pulled them out of the molds, it didn’t even occur to me to sand down the edges, or anything like that.  This was really stupid, and resulted in these wonky shapes you see here.  I simply slopped a different color of glaze into the cup part of each, and used the fan brush to lift it out and coat the outside of the cup.  The bottoms were not glazed.

Well, after a slow bisque fire to Cone 6 (which is the bisque temperature for my clay), this is what happened.  Everything looks about as good as could be expected with such slapdash preparations.  Some of the glaze colors shifted since they’re supposed to be fired lower, but I don’t mind.  Again, this was just experimental.

I have nothing in the works at present.  All my projects are done, and I don’t know what to try next.  I have a spoon mold from Michael’s as well…maybe I should try to work out a better proportion of clay to water, and make a better slip for spoonmaking.


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