The Holiday Spirit

Posted: November 7, 2015 in Ramblings

We rearranged the kitchen the other day, and discovered a lot of half-empty booze bottles in the butler’s pantry.  In preparation for the holidays I have invented a new drink.  Here it is.  I’ve decided to call it the “King of France,” because of the St. Germain and the champagne.

Fill a pint glass halfway with ice.

Pour in Malibu Rum until the liquid level is 1″ from the bottom of the glass.

Add an inch of St. Germain liqueur.  (You see I am very precise in my measuring!)

Add lemonade (another 2″ of liquid).

Squirt in a generous squirt of lime juice. (Not Rose’s, just unsweetened ReaLime or whatever type is on hand…even from an actual lime, if you like!)

Top off the glass with champagne and stir.  I’ve managed to work it so that one can of Coppola’s Sofia champagne fits perfectly into the glass after adding all the other stuff.

This was mainly concocted in order to use up the tail end of the rum and the St. Germain.  It has quite a kick, both from all the booze, and from all the straight lime juice!

Happy Holidays.

Also, I feel like I put a similar recipe on this blog a while back.  I will search the archives when I’m done posting this, and see how the two drinks differ (if there is in fact an earlier recipe).

  1. vallere says:

    Watch out for that lemonade! It’s got quite a kick!

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