Cars. More Cars.

Continuing with our vehicular theme, please meet the two newest additions to the US Picks family of cars.

Goodbye green Jeep, hello new Fiat 500!  This is the limited edition “Retro” (formerly known as “1957 edition”) model, and Chris has dubbed it Squirtle, after the Pokémon.

Has been using TM18 “Rain Dance” since its purchase.


This one is the Land Rover (Range Rover) Evoque (purchased used). The Man has been hankering for a Land Rover for many years. Every time he drives it, he finds some new cool feature to come home and report!

This car will be known as Arthur for a variety of reasons.

Please note that there are no plans to purchase an RV and drive it to Pennsylvania.  This would be inequitable treatment as we are unable to drive an RV to England.