Cor, what a scorcher!

Posted: July 12, 2016 in Ramblings

As I had suspected, Hawaii is turning out to be incredibly hot (unpleasantly so), at least for me.  On our first day, we did a little recce of the area and took a photo from our balcony.


The view from our Oahu room.

Afterwards, a quiet meal beachside, and we were about done for the day, thanks to jet lag.

The next day (yesterday), we went to the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor.  This was Chris’ #1 thing to accomplish on Oahu.  It was pretty darned hot and sticky, but we did manage to see some interesting aircraft and read about various military accomplishments.


A Zero.

I know they are striving for realism, but it really made me laugh when I saw the Japanese mannequins.


AH-1S Cobra gunship.

We headed to the mall so I could visit the Swatch store (and also because we thought the mall would be air-conditioned).  On the downside, it was an outdoor mall, so no air conditioning.  On the upside, Swatch was absolutely FULL of gorgeous watches.  I got the “Poppingpop” necklace watch and the “Popover” wristwatch (the link takes you to the Popover necklace but the wristwatch version is no longer available on line).  Bonus:  the watch faces of each of these snaps out and you can interchange them.  Chris got the limited edition “Silverscape,” which gained us entry into the 2016-17 Swatch club.  Alex declined to get a new watch.

After this, we tried to visit one of the hotel pools, but there was no shade cover and the pool was totally full of splashy little kids, so we went to the lagoon instead.  In this only saltwater lagoon on Oahu, we were able to swim with little fish fleeing at our approach.  Pedal boats and “aqua bikes” were available for rent, but because it was so hot (this at about 2PM) we decided to save that and do it in the morning.


A view of the lagoon.

Last night Chris and I took a romantic (but very short due to the heat) walk on the beach.


Beautiful sunset.

Friends had warned us of mosquitoes but none of us have been bothered by them yet.

Today, we rented the aqua bike for an hour, and then swam in the lagoon for a while.  Venturing out into the noon heat, we only had the strength to slurp some ice cream and shop for Hawaiian clothing before heading back to the room…and later still, Chris and I ventured to a beachside bar for cool drinks.  But I kept getting ice cream headaches from mine, so we came back again!

Tomorrow – off to the big island, where we will spend the duration of our vacation.  Whee!


  1. Mary/Mom says:

    Lovely pictures, makes me want to go too!

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