We lava this vacation!

Posted: July 17, 2016 in Ramblings

Wow, that helicopter ride was great!  Luckily we all had the brains to take far more photos than we thought necessary, because a lot of them turned out poorly due to reflections on the inside of the helicopter window.

I had another preconception about Hawaii’s volcanoes which was shattered today.  We had heard of the “lava flows” running down to the ocean.  I’d always envisioned this like when you squeeze a plastic soda bottle and the soda comes blorping out and running down the side of the bottle (although much hotter and slower in the case of the volcanoes 🙂 Unfortunately this is not the case.  The lava flows under the surface and down to the sea.  So the surface is covered with cold, old lava, which is still interesting and neat, but it meant we did not see any actual “flowing lava.”  We saw little holes called “skylights” that were openings in the surface with hot orange lava visible below.

Note, I was not daft enough to expect eruptions.

Will load pictures tomorrow, because I can’t get an internet connection to last long enough to upload them.


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