Random Memories

Posted: July 21, 2016 in Ramblings

We last left you with a verbal description of the helicopter tour.  Here are some photos.


The Man preps for the tour.


A “skylight” (view through to lava) in a caldera, in a crater.

WP_20160717_09_04_15_Rich (1)

One of the many waterfalls on the north side of the Big Island. Did you know all fresh water in Hawaii comes from rainwater? There are rainwater collection reservoirs all over the place.


“Vog” (volcanic gas) exiting a crater.


Shoreline at the north end of the island.

And now for some non-helicopter shots, random things we wanted to remember.


Weird foliage I was slightly creeped out by, but wanted to remember.


Boys at the bar (Kona Brewing Company pub). Most of their souvenirs came from this place. Chris got 3 shirts and Alex got 2, and Chris got a growler, and we all got little wooden keychains.


The fields between the main highway and the ocean. This is all broken, old lava (except the parts that are more recent) interspersed with tufts of this yellow dry grass. Nearly the entire 24 miles from the airport to the hotel looked like this.


A rare photo of me and the hotel’s swimming cove. Unfortunately the sandy area was small, and it became rocky underfoot almost as soon as you go out into the water. We swam in the hotel pool more often than in the cove.

alex fridge1

Alex is thrilled because we’re standing in the refrigeration room at the brewery, after 30 minutes outside in the heat.



  1. vallere says:

    Did you know that ALL freshwater comes from rainfall? It eventually collects in streams and rivers, where our treatment plants extract it and try to filter out or negate the agricultural runoff and industrial waste.

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