Next Summer’s Vacation

This is an announcement for everyone who was involved in the discussions about DC.  Given our discomfort in the heat of Hawaii, we are reconsidering whether DC in summer is such a good option.  I mentioned this in an earlier post (Dad replied, so I know he read it), and I think Chris mentioned it to his parents, but not sure whether Mom and Diane got the intel yet.

But we’re limited to summer vacations because of Alex’s school (we want 2-3 weeks for us, and spring break is only 1 week ).  So we’re looking at alternate North American locations that might be less hot and sticky, such as Massachusetts, Lake Placid, or Toronto.  Those are just the three top “quick, what else can we think of?” destinations.  Discussions are ongoing.  Stay tuned.

We know that not everyone will be able to join us for three weeks, so don’t worry about that.  Come when you can.

If any of you have specific places in mind that you’d like to visit, give us a shout.  Thanks.