More Vacation Suggestions

Mom and Dad report that it’s over 100 today in Reading. We checked the temperature in Boston and that too is insanely high (101).  Various other New England locales are in the 90s and under Serious Heat Advisories.  Chris and I therefore went out for breakfast at the British Pantry and discussed alternate, cooler, locales for next summer, instead of the District and VA.

First idea:  Scotland.  We are fairly certain we can come up with plenty of things for people to do, especially if we stay near Edinburgh.  I didn’t do any more research other than hotels, since we probably don’t need guided tours up there!

Second idea:  Iceland.  For several years the two of us and Alex have been talking about an all-inclusive guided tour of Iceland, and it is a dramatic and interesting location (though mostly for the nature-lovers, not so much city life).  We are looking at this tour.

Lastly, and this is also last on our list because of the possible high temperatures, a Viking river cruise from Amsterdam down to Budapest.  The current weekly temps are slightly cooler than Seattle (highs of mid-70s) and a lot cooler than the east coast!  This cruise is also something that Chris and I have had on our list for a long time.

Chris doesn’t want to go to Canada.

What are your thoughts on these three ideas?  Please post a reply here instead of emailing me, so that everyone concerned can see what thoughts are swirling around.  I have to give Diane a poke because I don’t think she reads my blog.

And of course if we do end up anywhere that doesn’t require Ant and Clare to fly, they might be able to join us!