What would you like to do?

For those of you joining us on next summer’s DC vacation, please email me with the things you’d like to accomplish while there.  We want to make sure that everyone who wants to do a thing gets to do that thing, or at least as near as possible.  Here are the things we have on our list.  If you are interested in any of them, put that in your email.  Please don’t post the answers on the blog.  Thanks.

Stuff outside DC:

  • Tuscarora Mill dinner – this is the restaurant where CP and I had our wedding dinner
  • a day in Reston, including shopping at Sutton Place Gourmet (if it still exists)
  • shopping in Tysons Corner
  • visiting WineStyles, a shop owned by our friends Mike & Sandy
  • Breweries:  Reston Limo will do a group tour for us so no one has to drive
  • new NASM at Dulles
  • Middleburg for a day
  • yarn stores!


Stuff inside DC:

  • National Building Museum
  • Monuments:  Reston Limo does an evening tour which might be nice, or we can customize our own private tour
  • General “seats of power” stuff for Alex’s benefit
  • Fluevog 🙂
  • National Cathedral
  • Smithsonian (for me this will be at least 2 days)
  • Kennedy Center brunch
  • Show at the Kennedy Center if there’s a good one

One thought on “What would you like to do?

  1. We would like to visit the Air and Space Museum on the Mall.  They are having a tar Trek exhibit.  We would also like to visit the new Black History Museum on the Mall.  The zoo is also nice, but it is a metro ride away.  Mom won’t go, but I would like to take an elevator to the top of the Washington Monument.  Since we are in Georgetown, it might be interesting to visit the University.  I don’t want this trip to be too structured. Dad

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