Some Thoughts about ScotteVest

ScotteVest (SEV) is a company that makes lightweight jackets full of pockets.  The premise is that you can ditch your handbag and carry everything in the jacket.  Or, if you’re a guy with a lot of stuff (hello Alex!) you can get one of their coats and use it for everything.

We thought this was a sensible thing, at least for Alex.  (My inner Harriet the Spy desperately wants one, but I will probably not get one, reasons below.)  We ordered him the Revolution when it was on a special sale.

The coat is beautifully-made and does indeed have a lot of pockets.  Immediately, he loaded it up with his sunglasses, wallet, portable phone charger/cable, and keys.  (Phone never leaves his side.)  He tested the foldaway hood and the removable sleeves.  When he tried it on, fully loaded, it was a little heavy but it is well-balanced so he didn’t feel it was a problem.  It all seemed very gadgety and interesting to us; he likes it a lot.  Chris considered getting one, but realized he needed a heavier-weight coat.  (Most of the SEV products are like windbreakers.)

Well, yeah, when Alex’s coat arrived, it was still Seattle summer, 90 degrees and no rain.  So it has been sitting on the couch waiting for the time to use it.  Meanwhile he had to keep delving into the pockets to retrieve the various things he needed.

I really did start thinking about one of these for me.  I thought about all the stuff I carry in a handbag, and how it would be fun to organize each thing into its own pocket.  I thought about how I don’t own a windbreaker.  Thought about how easy it would be to throw a coat on the conveyor belt during TSA checks.

Then the little voice of common sense started speaking to me.

One:  how is throwing a coat on the TSA conveyor belt any easier than throwing my handbag on the TSA conveyor belt?  Answer:  it’s not.  In fact it may be worse because I’d have to struggle out of the coat, whereas the handbag just slides off.

Two:  what do I do in summer?  I never travel with a coat in summer!  It’s just too hot!

Three:  what happens when the weather changes and I don’t need to wear a windbreaker?  This is similar to the “Alex in 90 degree weather” above.  The only solution there would be to take everything out of the pockets and put it in a handbag.

Four (a more fashion-conscious question):  what happens when I want to wear one of my cute coats?  Same solution as Three.

Therefore, the more I think about these coats, the more it seems they may be good for

  • men
  • who live in rainy areas
  • where it doesn’t get too hot or cold

But otherwise, it doesn’t seem all that useful, especially at the price.