More Thoughts About ScotteVest

Posted: December 7, 2016 in Ramblings

I still need a wintry coat for Canada.  ScotteVest makes an insulated version of Alex’s coat, which is described as being the same coat but with the addition of a quilted, insulated lining, so I took Alex’s out of the closet and did an in-depth analysis of the pockets.

SeV says this coat has 26 pockets.  I could only find 13, unless you count the ‘SD card pocket’ (seriously, how is this useful at all?) which is mounted inside of another pocket.  So I don’t get where the other 13 (or 12) are.  Their site does not detail the locations of pockets.

That right there is enough of a ding that they’re off my list.

(This is a follow-up to my post below.)

  1. vallere says:

    The site had an x-ray view so you could see the location of the pockets.  Yes, they count pockets within pockets. I’ll head there and see what I can find. Dad

  2. vallere says:

    OK, they have dumbed down the website and so not tell or show all the pockets. They no longer make the jacket that I was interested in, which was the Alpha Jacket.  The two front pockets are called Napoleon pockets. Each pocket is really two, a large one and a smaller pocket within a pocket.  I believe there are two regular handwarmer pockets where you would expect pockets to be.  The pockets shown in the x-ray view are the front internal pockets only. The Alpha Jacket had a small sleeve pocket near the cuff, that was designed to hold a small knife (for self defense). There was also a “handcuff key” pocket at the base of the back. There may be an interior back pocket.  It still doesn’t add up to 26.  You could email them for a pocket locator.

    • I’ve emailed them numerous times asking for more info on the website (they really do not provide what I would consider “good” information – no good close-up pics, no real “map” of the pockets, just the small pictures and the videos). I have also asked for girlier styles and waterproof jackets! I think this is just not a good match for me. One thing I did notice is that some reviewers for the Revolution talk about a lumbar pocket where the sleeves and/or hood can be stowed when not in use – but there is absolutely no such thing on Alex’s coat. He and I both spent about 20 minutes analyzing this. So…yeah. I’ll stick with Columbia for now.

      Here are the pockets we found:

      2 outer chest pockets
      2 pockets on the side seams, down near the “standard outer” pockets
      2 pockets in the standard area
      2 pockets with clear plastic fronts, top inner, which are designed for phones or other touchscreen devices
      (left inside) 1 large pocket whose opening is about at waist level (this is probably their ‘ipad’ pocket)
      1 smaller pocket, like, wallet-sized, just below that
      1 long skinny pocket for a pen on the inside of the zip flap
      (right inside) 1 mate to the wallet-sized left pocket
      1 pocket on the inside of the right zip flap

      Plus we did discover that SD card pocket but I forget where it is. Inside the left “wallet-sized” pocket, I think.

      Anyway, there it is! Thanks for the research.

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