It’s Brain Fail. Definitely.

Our cats are on prescription food because they have delicate digestions.  We have two prescription cards that I usually carry in my handbag.  I took them out to prep for vacation and “put them in a safe place” (this just happened last week).  Can’t find ’em.  We need to stock up on food for the cat folks to feed them, and I can’t find the cards!  Can’t even think of anywhere else to look.   This time I know it’s brain fail because we have used them twice since moving to this new apartment.

(And those keys haven’t reappeared, either.)

Okay…ten seconds after publishing this post, I looked at the fridge, because we often stick important things on there with magnets.  (My prescriptions, apartment emergency numbers, barbecue restaurant menu, Ankh-Morpork postcards, picture of Diane’s bear in a yeti costume, 2 purple mink balls, and…cat food prescription cards.  Yay.)



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