Bag Purge

I have a bunch of bags if any family members are interested.  Links go to the Amazon pages.

Lug “Caboose” in teal – this is actually designed as a diaper bag, but I bought it for a personal item on an airline because it has the sleeve on the back to slip over rolling luggage.  Used once to go to Lake Louise.  Doesn’t suit my needs anymore.  The changing pad and wipes case are gone (I donated them to charity when I bought the bag).

Kipling Sanaa in Cool Turquoise – bought this to be Alex’s rolling suitcase, but it doesn’t roll well enough for rapid, adult, moving-through-airports transit (it kept tipping over).  Probably was designed as a rolling kids’ backpack for school, and it would probably do very well for that, or for rolling a lot of items to meetings, or similar.  Cool Turquoise is a paler color than the teal shown in the link – a very vivid light turquoise.  Used once to go to Lake Louise.  It functions as an actual backpack in addition to being wheeled.  It also has a sleeve to slip over rolling luggage.  We thought about removing the wheel mechanism and using it as a travel backpack, but the wheels are mounted right on the outside of the backpack!

Tumi Westport in black – this is a slim briefcase designed for a laptop.  Very narrow, and because I only take my laptop out of the house on vacations, this is not useful to me.  Never used.

Tumi Marino in blue – never used.

Give me a shout if you want any of them.

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