Seattle Chocolates Tour


The more I think about this, the more disappointed I am in it!  We had to pay $10 each to take the tour.  So, okay, we got some free samples, but even at full retail prices they weren’t worth $10 per person.  But of course we didn’t know that at the start.

What bothers me about it – what I really didn’t realize at the time – we walked through this factory, and nothing at all was going on!  No machines were working, we didn’t get to see any big machines making chocolate.  We went on a catwalk above the facility and the tour guide pointed out various machines and told us what they do (but they weren’t doing anything).  At the end we looked down to see 2-3 employees gift-wrapping packages for the shop.  And that was it!  You could get the same experience watching it on YouTube, if they happened to make one.  And it was a Friday, so you would have expected it to be normal business hours, machines working, things happening.

I am of course comparing it with my memories of Hershey’s Chocolate World, where we would ride little cars through a mockup of the chocolate factory and see everything happening.  In hindsight Seattle Chocolates was a real letdown for me.  I would have at least liked to see the machines operating.

We talked about it after leaving and I don’t even remember them talking about how they make the actual chocolate.  Chris thinks it was made with chocolate powder, but I’m wondering if they buy bulk chocolate and melt it down in order to create their own confections.  They didn’t have any big vats to mix up ingredients like Hershey’s does.

Not to mention their chocolate wasn’t that great.  Sure, it’s better than Hershey’s, but it’s not up to Cadbury, Ritter, Lindt quality.  We went because I like chocolate and it was something interesting to do over vacation.  Well, chalk off another Seattle-to-do thing.  We’ll be looking for something else to do next week.