And while I’m here…

Posted: June 8, 2017 in Ramblings

…may I just rant about something?

Of course I may.

Why, why, why do people who are selling things online have to put the explicit circumstances of a personal tragedy in the listing?  I saw one tonight that said “I’m selling this yarn because I bought it to knit my husband a sweater and he just passed away.”  WHY?  Does this fact matter to the sale of the yarn?  Not really.  It’s just a play on people’s emotions.  I can’t stand this.  Usually it’s more along the lines of “I need money to fund [vet bills/kid’s school/alimony/whatever],” but any of this stuff really bothers me.  That yarn would have been perfect for an upcoming project of mine, but I’d never be able to look at it without remembering (a) the deceased husband (whom I did not know) or (b) the manipulative nature of the sale.  Yuck.

Redmond Rainbow

Posted: June 8, 2017 in Ramblings

How ironic is it that the pot of gold appears to be in Sammamish?


June 8, 2017.

Bag Purge

Posted: May 10, 2017 in Ramblings

I have a bunch of bags if any family members are interested.  Links go to the Amazon pages.

Lug “Caboose” in teal – this is actually designed as a diaper bag, but I bought it for a personal item on an airline because it has the sleeve on the back to slip over rolling luggage.  Used once to go to Lake Louise.  Doesn’t suit my needs anymore.  The changing pad and wipes case are gone (I donated them to charity when I bought the bag).

Kipling Sanaa in Cool Turquoise – bought this to be Alex’s rolling suitcase, but it doesn’t roll well enough for rapid, adult, moving-through-airports transit (it kept tipping over).  Probably was designed as a rolling kids’ backpack for school, and it would probably do very well for that, or for rolling a lot of items to meetings, or similar.  Cool Turquoise is a paler color than the teal shown in the link – a very vivid light turquoise.  Used once to go to Lake Louise.  It functions as an actual backpack in addition to being wheeled.  It also has a sleeve to slip over rolling luggage.  We thought about removing the wheel mechanism and using it as a travel backpack, but the wheels are mounted right on the outside of the backpack!

Tumi Westport in black – this is a slim briefcase designed for a laptop.  Very narrow, and because I only take my laptop out of the house on vacations, this is not useful to me.  Never used.

Tumi Marino in blue – never used.

Give me a shout if you want any of them.

Great Inventions

Posted: February 25, 2017 in Ramblings

There is always a lot of talk about great inventions.  Sliced bread, for example.  I can remember in college everyone felt the post-it note, ATM, and microwave ovens were the greatest things ever.  (I still believe microwave ovens are in the top 5!)

But recently, since I got my iPhone, I have added a new thing to the list, and this is…remote check deposits.  With our banking app, I can now submit a check for deposit by taking photos of the front and (signed) back, selecting an account to deposit the money to, and typing in the amount manually as a double-check function.  One quick push of an “upload” button and I’m done!  It is such a relief not to have to get to a bank (or an ATM) to deposit it.

What are your favorite inventions?


“Turning in his grave”

Posted: February 14, 2017 in Ramblings
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For years…probably since I read my first Pogo book at about age 8…I have understood this expression as Walt Kelly did.  Let’s have an example.

“This concert is so bad that Beethoven must be turning in his grave!”

Kelly explained (through his characters) that this meant “things are so bad that Beethoven is turning his grave in.”  Returning it, so that he could come back to life and either punish the person playing the music, or play it himself correctly.  He is “turning it in” or exchanging it for a different situation.

Recently I reread this phrase in Pogo so I went online to look it up.  I can’t find a single thing to corroborate this!  Everything on the internet talks about “spinning” in his grave, or “rotating,” never mind that those don’t even make any sense.  I hesitate to put Kelly’s version on Wikipedia (even as an alternate interpretation), mostly because I feel unqualified to tinker with Wikipedia.  I’m not enough of an expert to claim the precise knowledge.  (Not to mention I can’t quite concisely phrase it.  You see how rambling it came out in this blog post.)

So I was wondering…for those of you who do not know Kelly’s work – have you ever heard of his version?  Has anyone else ever heard of this, besides Pogo fans?


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Those of you who monitor atmospheric conditions in the netherworld may wish to stand back from your display equipment.  It is firmly believed that Hell is about to freeze over…

…I have just purchased an iPhone.


A Prince Among Cars

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