Thoughts about Apartments

Well, having lived here almost six weeks now, I have some observations to share with you.

The pros:

  • Far less expensive than living in our house.  This was one of the prime reasons we moved.
  • Everything is closer within reach.  If I want another cup of coffee, I only have to walk 10 steps to get it.  If I need the bathroom, it’s not 80 yards away like it used to be!
  • Location is great; we walk almost everywhere.  Extra exercise!
  • Easier to keep clean because it’s a smaller square footage (about 1/3 the size of our house).

The cons:

  • Upstairs neighbors stomp around after 8PM.  Annoying!  But we plan to solve this by moving into a top floor apartment when they are ready.
  • Refrigerator doesn’t have “get your filtered water through the door.”  We have a Pur water pitcher but it’s a pain in the neck.
  • Refrigerator has freezer on top (at eye level) and fridge beneath.  We have been accustomed to freezer on the bottom, fridge at eye level, and find ourselves not using the fridge much because we have to crouch down to see what’s in there.
  • Bathtub is too small.

But, those are really the only drawbacks.  We’re all quite happy with the pros, enough that the cons are simply niggles.

There is really nothing else new to talk about.