I Panicked Too Soon

Today the little worker bees finished 90% of the lower wall.  The right side is still not done, but I think that is being left as is, so that the men can more easily get back to the second wall to construct it.
In addition to our regularly-scheduled stitched photo update, here are some other views, some with Alex, some by Alex.


Nothing Like the Project Plans

All right, for one thing, the project plans (as noted) did not have this wall being stepped down.  But it appears they are done constructing the wall, except for the capstones, and it IS going to be stepped down.
For another thing, this wall is much higher than they told us.  I believe the contractor said it would be about two feet tall; it’s about 3′ tall once the capstones are on.
So I don’t know.  Chris is going to take a look when he gets home and see if it’s worth moaning about.

Progress is Being Made

At the end of the work day today:

Now, contrary to the drawings they provided us, it looks like this lower wall is stepped down on the right.  By which I mean, obviously it looks stepped down NOW, but it appears that they’ve stopped doing anything with the lower wall.  It was shown on the drawings as a straight-across wall.  Behind the wall has been filled in and flattened, apparently in preparation for tomorrow’s work, the second (higher) wall.


City Slackers!

Nobody came to work on our yard today, although they did dig up and uproot the street light that was outside our bedroom window.  They’re moving it (at our request!) several yards to the south, so it will be screened from our room by trees.  Whee!  Power to the people!