Kaleidocherry Sale

Twenty percent off everything in the store with code 20PERCENT.  Valid until I feel like taking it down.

For those of you outside the US/Canada, please send me a note about shipping.  I’m happy to do it but since I so infrequently get requests I haven’t bothered to set up the shipping tables online.

I take credit cards directly through Etsy, so even if you are not a Paypal user you can still take advantage of the great sale.  Stop by!

If I ran the world…

…everything would be so much more logical!

Last week I ordered some shipping envelopes from the USPS.  They arrived today…in a padded envelope.   Not just an envelope with padding, but there was one of those inflatable plastic pillows inside to cushion the poor fragile envelopes from damage!  I really wonder what people are thinking, sometimes.

What inspires you?

I have a ton of undyed yarn and no inspiration.

  • Worsted weight cable-plied cashmere:  30 skeins
  • Swiss Mountain silk/baby camel, fingering:  30 skeins
  • Swiss Mountain silk/baby camel, laceweight:  20 skeins
  • Swiss Lace, laceweight:  5 skeins
  • Moriah, laceweight:  5 skeins
  • Laceweight cashmere:  12 skeins
  • Fingering weight cashmere/silk:  10 skeins

And I don’t know what to dooooooooooooooooooooo!

Got a suggestion?  Please share.  Thank you.

Also, thanks to the Sterilite company for making big, afforable plastic bins to store all this in!


It’s something I’m no good at.  I don’t really like to push myself forward; my method of marketing is to list things for sale and hope someone stumbles upon them and finds them worthy of purchase.  Not to mention that I find it difficult to think up clever marketing slogans or tactics that don’t come across as twee.  Just today I saw two different marketing slogans, and the comparison reminded me of why I’m afraid to try this.

One of my favorite online retailers, kpixie.com, has an awesome and short slogan:  “Rockin’ your stash.”  I like it.  It’s short and to the point, and fun.

I won’t name the other retailer or their exact slogan, because I’d hate for people to do that to me, but the second one was clunky and too long.  Trying to convey the same information as “Rockin’ your stash,” they instead ended up with something similar to “Allowing you to evade stash purchase limits since XXXX” (year).  That’s paraphrased because I don’t like to point fingers.  But, wow!  How awkward.  I actually had to go back and reread it a few times to get the gist of it.  When I’d deciphered it (and translated it as, basically, “Rockin’ your stash since XXXX”), I spent some time musing on the nature of marketing before coming to write this post.  If I tried to make up a marketing slogan for Kaleidocherry it’d probably be just as dumb and klugey as that one.  My current slogan is “Colors for your life,” which is kind of boring, but it’s better than being stupid!

Okay.  Marketing rant over.  Thanks for listening, and also, happy 50th anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Cutest parents ever!