Merry Christmas

Bleah.  I’d had high hopes of finishing the Spectrum Sweater for Christmas…or at least to do the final wash and block on Christmas.  Unfortunately when I picked up and knit the rolled hem, it rolled back so far that it obscured the first purple section.  Disgusted, I threw it in the box and decided not to do anything about it.  For a few days now I’ve been working on a sock yarn cardigan design, so the SS has continued sitting in the box.  Today I pulled it out, picked up stitches for the neck, and did a rolled neckline…and it rolled so far forward that the picked-up stitches behind it are visible.  I tell ya, I’m really getting disheartened.  I’m going back to the sock yarn cardi for a couple of days while I let this stew and see if there’s anything I can do about it (short of ripping it all out)…

Entering the Home Stretch

Today I finished one shoulder of the Spectrum Sweater.  (Perfectionist Donna won the argument.)  I am pleased to say that it looks really good!  Tomorrow I’ll do the other shoulder.  Then I have the rest of the week to frog back the bind offs on the back, put them back on the needles, and work that up to the neckline.  I’ve decided to change the edging to double-crochet with black.  Partly to get it done sooner, but mostly because I fear that the 1.5" wide strip of black seed stitch is going to look very heavy for a summer cotton tee.  After I finish the back neck, it’s edge the neckline & cuff the sleeves time, then I’ll frog the hem and simply end it with the dark purple and then crochet it.
So, I actually MIGHT have this done by New Year’s!

Trademark Infringement

Wow.  Today I got a notice from Etsy that they had to pull one of my beaded necklace listings because it infringed on a Pokemon copyright.  It was a simple beaded necklace but I named it after a town in one of the Pokemon games.  Apparently the US offices of Nintendo/Pokemon found it and requested that Etsy remove it from listings because of the copyright infringement.  I’m so mad I cancelled my Etsy account.  In the last 3 years I never sold anything at all there, anyway.
What astonishes me is, recently I’ve been looking for Umbreon-related items on the internet (Umbreon is another Pokemon).  And in addition to all the licensed merchandise, I’m finding loads of people making Umbreon ears & tails for costumes, Umbreon magnets, plush animals, stuff like that.  Clearly marked as "individually made," clearly marketed as Pokemon gear, and clearly for sale.  If Pokemon USA was able to find my reference buried in the listing details of my one measly necklace, why aren’t they stopping these other crafters who are selling Pokemon-style merchandise?