Yarn Teaser

Here’s what’s on my Minispinner bobbin.  This is sort of a hodgepodge of fibers, stuff I had around the house; what you see in the picture is mostly sable angora.

I’m taking a spin break for a few days.  My eyes have been bothering me, and I can’t tell if it’s the angora fibers, the new skincare, or the dry air in the house.  Neither Chris nor Alex is suffering, but my desk is right above an air vent.  I used the last of my old Glytone (= non-irritating) skincare last night and this morning, but my eyes are still burning, so I’m guessing that’s not it.  I’ll try to eliminate the angora by avoiding spinning until Monday.  We’ll see what happens.  Luckily I have eyedrops around from all my prior attempts at contact-lens-wearing.


The Minispinner is cherry, as is the bobbin.  I splurged on a bloodwood bobbin for my plying bobbin.
The Minispinner is cherry, as is the bobbin. I splurged on a bloodwood bobbin for my plying bobbin.

The World is Still Not Logical!

Remember my post about the padded envelope?  Got one to top it.

Nordstrom’s offers three free samples of beauty products when you order any beauty product online.  Since my local Nordstrom doesn’t carry my new skincare (the Somme Institute line), I ordered the starter kit online, choosing my three free samples at checkout.  The starter kit was $28 and I got free shipping.

Yesterday I got the starter kit in my UPS delivery.  No big deal.

Today I got the three free samples!  In their own shipment.  Three tiny sachets of beauty products, in a box bigger than a shoe box.  Sent via UPS.  I have to wonder what these Nordstrom people are thinking.

Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel

Bought one, never use it.  Want it?  I also bought the bulky flyer kit because I wanted to use this as my plying wheel.  Currently a new one is about $1050; I’ll sell mine (which only has about 5 hours’ use) for $950 and deliver it within 50 miles of Seattle.  If you’re outside that range by a significant amount, we can talk about shipping, but it might be fairly high.

The original maiden, flyer and bobbins, with the manual.
With the bulky flyer kit mounted