It’s DONE!

Finally I have finished the Spectrum Sweater, after much ripping out and redesigning.  You will note that the sleeves are somewhat kimono-like, but that was a design flaw.  In the pattern on, the cast-ons for sleeves don’t start until later in the color sequence.  Whew, I’m so glad it’s done!

Things to do in Seattle

Today we went to the Ballard Locks for a little while.  We’d never been to this particular one, and Alex has never seen a locks in action (or is that "a lock in action"?).  So we were quite fortunate to get there just as a medium-sized sailboat was approaching from the Puget Sound side.  It was very interesting (although loud) to watch the water rise, and the second lock doors open.  (It was loud because they ring a bell the whole time to warn people to stay off the footbridge on top of the lock doors.)  There was also an iron drawbridge further out towards the Sound which was open, but it was open the whole time we were there – about half an hour – so we wonder whether it’s in a near-permanent state of "up."
Afterwards we had lunch at the Lock Spot Cafe, which was quite nice, and we decided to bring all visitors to this area when they come to visit.  There is also a botanical gardens nearby, but there wasn’t much to look at since it’s wintertime.

Vacation Day

Alex has off school today, but Chris did not have off work.  Alex and I are heading out to run some errands and then we’re going to the indoor pool.  I hope it’s warm!  The weather is really quite cold today.  Even Max and Bickie have not wanted to go out.  This may, perhaps, be because they are frightened by the noises of the construction machines on the other side of the fence.
Mom made Alex some ‘original Star Trek’ uniforms (one for Kirk and one for Spock).  When I get some pics I’ll put ’em up here. 
All right, here we are.  Live long and prosper, Mom.

Various Updates

The garage is half clean.  Salvation Army took everything but the old baby seats (they are no longer compliant) and the stereo cabinet.  I’m going to list that on Craigslist.
I submitted a design to John Fluevog’s Open Source Footwear.  Check it out through that link and if you like it, vote for it.  The program is, shoes that get a lot of internet love actually get made, and named after the designer, and the designer gets a pair.  Naturally this is right up my alley, especially since I love Fluevogs!

My design (on Fluevog’s "Mini" heel)
We have just learned that our back fence is built on city property.  Since the city is constructing a roundabout at the corner, they need the extra couple of feet of land that we "have" behind the fence.  To accommodate this, they are going to rip out the fence and build a new one on the correct line.  They will then build us a retaining wall in the garden, to make the rose garden raised up and flat on top, and then they will put in a new 6′ high fence for privacy (the old one is only 5′ high).  We feel like we are getting a good deal here, since the retaining wall is a project we’ve been discussing for years.  I’ll keep you posted via this blog of updates.  So far all they have done is rip up the old sidewalk.  It’s quite noisy.

Garage Progress!

We all spent the morning in the garage, and we have a clean section, a section of donatable stuff, and a section of ‘stuff we haven’t looked through yet.’  Guess which pile is the biggest?
The donations pile!  Yes, we have been holding on to a lot of old junk which we have no need for at all.  It is taking up most of a full drive bay.  I hope the Salvation Army has a big enough truck!

2010 Resolutions

We have no resolutions.
However, we did buy shelving to get our garage organized.  This is typical Murphy’s Law at work.  There were a few days in mid-December when the temperature was in the teens.  Chris would leave for work and get irritated at having to scrape his windows.  So he complained; we found the shelving we wanted, and learned it would be on sale in January.  Waited until yesterday to buy it.  Of course, from the day we located the shelving we wanted, it has been 45 degrees every day!
But it certainly can’t hurt to get the garage in order.  I put up one shelf and was astonished to discover at least half a truckload’s worth of stuff to get rid of (old serial port printer, old joystick, old speakers, baby car seats, office trays, lengths of rope for unknown purposes, plastic flower boxes (with spider eggs all over them), manuals for appliances we no longer own, empty boxes, broken toys, etc., etc., etc…ugh!  So, I didn’t get very far because most of the rest of the stuff is Chris-related and he needs to look at it and decide whether it’s keep or toss.  Salvation Army is going to have a big, big haul!
Gotta go wash the spider eggs out of my hair.

Blog Updates

I apologize to anybody who reads this blog for not providing more interest over the last few weeks, but I have been run ragged with our house guests.  We have had a great time and done a lot of stuff! 
Tomorrow I will begin blogging some new stuff…such as my coming-out-disastrous sock yarn cardigan, before-and-after pictures of our garage, and family plans for 2010!