Asahel Curtis Nature Walk

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Ramblings
A beautiful day here in Seattle, so we went for a ride to North Bend to investigate this small, yet exceedingly picturesque, nature walk.  At first – in the parking lot – we were very worried about crowds, because there was only one parking space left, but it turns out that there are two trailheads there.  One is the Asahel Curtis nature walk and the other is the Annette Lake trail (which is a longer and more difficult trail).  So there was nobody on the nature walk but us!  We took the opportunity to get a lot of really pretty photos.


Afterwards, realizing we were almost out of gas, we hotfooted it (leadfooted it?) to North Bend, where we got gas, ate lunch at Twede’s Cafe, and shopped extremely briefly at the outlets, before coming home.

Next week, we will seek out a longer and more challenging hike.


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