Idea for a Kimono-Style Pattern

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Ramblings

I’m having an idea for a knitting pattern.  Right now I’m finishing up my Lacy Night project (which will be shown after Christmas, because the shawl pin closure is still in transit).  After that, it’s back to the Max Sweater.  But then I might get around to this next idea.  I’ll put it here in case someone is looking for a big stashbuster easy project and would like to test-knit it.

Triple-stranded with laceweight yarns.   I’ll use Fleece Artist Saldanha, Unique Sheep Ling, and Jojoland Cashmere for the body and swap out the Jojoland for Henry’s Attic Cascade Lace for the sleeves.  (I really do need to do some serious stashbusting!)  Probably a size 7 needle.  Knit three big squares that are 20″ square.  Pick up stitches along one side of one square and another side of another square; join.  This will be your sleeve.  Knit until it is a sufficient length (mine will be about 20″ anyway).  Repeat on the other side of the center square with the remaining square for the other sleeve.  If desired, and if enough yarn is left, pick up stitches all around the edges.  K1inc around, then knit 12 rows to make a ruffle (remembering to increase three times in one stitch at each corner).  Bind off knitwise.  Weave in all ends.

The way I’m envisioning this, the fronts will hang down when it’s worn casually.  I’ll put a button inside the right front and a buttonhole (or yarn loop) outside the left front, to fold across like a cardigan.  Then I’ll use a shawl pin to close the outer right side to the left.

My thought, at least for my own version, is that because the body and sleeves will be variegated, I’ll do the ruffle in a coordinating solid yarn, maybe a green.

The Unique Sheep, Ling Yarn, “Waltz of the Flowers” Colorway
Fleece Artist Saldanha
Jojoland Lace Cashmere, dyed by Mom
Henry’s Attic Cascade Lace

Maybe hot pink for the ruffle!

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