Practice Sewing


For about 3 weeks I’ve been looking for a knitting needle case that will hold my interchangeable set from KnitPicks as well as my (still on order) shorter set from DyakCraft.  There were a few on etsy, but nothing really fabulous…so despite my sewing misgivings, I decided to make one myself.

First attempt:  using two quilted placemats Mom had sent us a while back, I designed & created a workable, but dorky-looking, case.  Because I was trying to work it so there was no lining necessary, it ended up being folded so thickly that in places the sewing machine couldn’t penetrate and the corners, especially, had to be hand-sewn.  It’s clunky, but thick, and would protect the needles.  But…ugh.

The needle channels were too narrow to get most of the tip sets into.  The next attempt was more of a proper sewing design.  Separate fabric for pockets, outside, and lining.  This one, there is no picture to show you, because I put velveteen fabric in between for an interfacing, and the sewing machine simply would not go through all the layers.  I still have the pinned pieces upstairs but probably can’t do anything with it. 
My third attempt was better.  I was also feeling confident enough to put some lace around the edges, a decorative touch I generally don’t bother with (because my sewing is usually pretty abysmal and things end up in the trash).   
The outside of the case.
And the inside. The edges were a bit wobbly, and the corners were bad.
I was almost happy enough with this to stop there, except that it was very big when closed – much bigger than an envelope.  This is supposed to be portable! 
Attempt #4:  Success!  Rejiggering the pattern again allowed me to go with a no-interfacing design, so that the pouch could not only be folded across the middle – like the one above – but also rolled up afterwards.  I really liked this one and was really happy with it.  Still AM really happy with it!
Folded up. About the size of an envelope - although much bulkier.
And open. The only thing "wrong" with this is that the roses on the outside don't stylistically match the inside.

You’d think I could leave well enough alone, eh?  No.  Well, there was a good reason to make another one, though.  My knitting bag is a Vera Bradley in the pattern “Anastasia,” which was discontinued back in about 2004.  I have been hoarding some Anastasia fabric all these years, terrified to cut into it, but decided that it was time to take the plunge.  Today, I made a case of the same design as the cherries, but with the Anastasia fabric on the outside and the lower pockets, and contrast fabric for the upper pockets and lining.  I tried to pay a little more attention to the spacing of the needle tip slots, too.

This one folds up even smaller than the last one!
And the inside. Looks uneven, but isn't.
“Sew,” I am very happy with my perseverance on this project.  I might make some more, maybe not.  At least now all my knitting storage things are starting to match!
I’d like to take a moment to thank Mom for all her patience and advice on these!