Seattle, Suicide and Gloom

When we announced we were moving here, someone (who shall remain nameless) said that he’d read somewhere that there was a high rate of suicide in the Seattle area because of the gloomy rainy weather “all year round.”  For several years, I didn’t really feel this was a problem.  The summers are always glorious and sunny – even droughty, sometimes – and the winters were wintery, although rainy.

Well, in January we’ll have been here for eight years.  There must be some kind of psychological internal switch that flips after seven years of living here, because we’ve only been having the gloomy weather for about two weeks and I’m already frustrated.  I have to put the interior lights on every day, just to stave off irritation and depression!  Don’t worry, I’m not contemplating suicide…just a change of residences.  I always get very interested in real estate listings in the fall.  I also start pestering Chris about moving to some other location.  Unfortunately, my preference would either be “back to VA” or “England,” and the cost of living is freakishly high in both places, and Chris hates the weather in VA, and the weather in England is the same as Seattle!

So, there’s my observation; the comment about suicide in Seattle may actually have been valid.  It’s quite irritating to look out at this dark and wet yard every day.  This post is a bit of a rant but it needed to be said.