Today’s Visitors

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Ramblings

When we let Max out this afternoon we didn’t realize these guys were wandering around the back yard.  He chased them across the yard, at which point Alex ran out to distract him.  The mama duck flew over the neighbor fence, but the little ones are too small to fly, so they ran up into the rose garden (on top of the lower wall) and watched as their mama flew back towards Max, angry and in attack mode.  By then I was outside and I just grabbed him to bring him into the house.

The mama couldn’t find some of the ducklings, so she stood around quacking for a little while, and then all the ducklings that were on the short wall jumped off like fluffy little paratroopers to meet her.  That was just before this picture was taken.  Then they wandered carefully out of the back yard and into the front.

Max is confined to quarters until further notice.

Not such a pleasant stroll.  Not with Max on their tails.

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