Qiviut – It’s Not All That

So, for years I’ve been hearing about qiviut, the down of the musk ox (!), which is allegedly the most luxurious fiber in the world.  An ounce can retail for upwards of $90!  This is quite a bit more than cashmere.  I found a site selling 100% qiviut for $39 a skein.  This is pretty hefty, but I had sold a lot of boots on ebay recently so I decided to splurge on a skein.

It came while I was on vacation.  When I got home tonight I eagerly ripped open the shipping pouch.  Inside was my skein of qiviut and a sample card containing a few yards of a 50/50 qiviut/cashmere blend.  And the blend felt better than the 100% qiviut!

So, the moral of the story is, CASHMERE STILL TRUMPS EVERYTHING.

This warms my heart.

To compensate myself for the qiviut disappointment, I will leave you with a photo of a firework at the West Reading 4th of July show.