The Brains of the Outfit

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Ramblings

That title does not apply to me.

On Saturday it was a beautiful day. I had an errand to run downtown, but I convinced the boys to go with me, with the promise of brunch at Jak’s afterwards, and then a trip to the beach. We couldn’t find the kite, but that was OK because it wasn’t windy. I told Alex that if it got windy we’d buy a new kite. I packed up my awesome camera and monopod and we left.

Errand: went fine.
Brunch: went very well! We were able to get scrambles made with lots of veg, meat and cheese, so we were not tempted by potatoes or toast. Alex had a huge meal too, which pleased us, because it seems to us that he doesn’t eat enough, sometimes.

Beach: The nice part of Alki Beach (the sandy part) was swarming with people, and we couldn’t find anywhere to park. So we drove to the more scenic part of the beach, which is very rocky and seaweedy, and went for a walk out there. I mounted the camera to the monopod and during our hour-long beach clamber, took about 50 photos of the scenery, the boys, etc.

At least, I thought I did.

When we got home I discovered that (a) I’d left the memory card at home and (b) my camera doesn’t have built-in memory. This is disappointing! Annoying! All kinds of things. I was so mad I went online and looked for a new camera with built-in memory, though the idiocy of that idea struck me almost instantly.

Luckily, Chris took a couple snaps with his phone. Here they are.



  1. vallere says:

    My phone has replaced my point and shoot.

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