Before the power outage, we’d planned to head up to Kirkland’s Marina Park today for four things:

  1. Eating lunch at the Wilde Rover (Irish pub)
  2. Feeding the ducks at lakeside
  3. Taking photographs of feeding the ducks, lakeside
  4. Meeting Joy, who had purchased a pair of Fluevogs from me, to make the handoff.

So, this morning we were a bit worried that Kirkland might still be powerless, but that would only have scotched #1.  We could do the other three items without needing power.  We packed up our gear and headed out.

Despite quite a few downed traffic lights, we made it to downtown Kirkland and discovered they had plenty of power, so we got to do all four things!  Joy brought one of her dogs, which thrilled Alex (he still desperately wants a dog but we won’t get one because you-know-who will end up doing all the work).  The weather was also dry (though overcast).  The worst part was the very stiff breeze!  I crumpled a cracker in my hand and flung the crumbs into the air for the birds, and all the crumbs flew back into my face.  A nearby lady started laughing at me.  It was too cold and windy to stick around and distribute the entire bag of bread, so we zippied it up and came home.

Here’s CP’s best photo of the day:

Taken with a Nokia Lumia 1520.
Taken with a Nokia Lumia 1520.

And mine:

Same kid, different ducks.  He's wearing his Fluevog camo BBC boots.
Same kid, different ducks. He’s wearing his Fluevog camo BBC boots. Taken with my HX50V.