Have you ever vacationed with us?

I am trying to put together a comprehensive list of all the trips/vacations the USP’s have taken, ever since the first one Chris and I took together at Christmas 1998 (to Rudgwick and then France with Maddie and Brian).  I have a pretty detailed list from 2010 onward, because I saved all the Expedia and Amex emails about itineraries and charges.  However, I would like to fill in the gaps.  If you have any info about vacations we took (whether you came to us, or we all went somewhere together), please advise!

These trips, I know we took, but can’t remember the dates.

While we lived in Virginia:

  • Chris and I, to Dallas to visit Diane.  Chris thinks Alex was present for this but I think it was before Alex was born.
  • Charleston with the Valleres (just me and Alex).
  • Ocean City, NJ, with the Valleres

After we moved to Sammamish:

  • Cannon Beach and Seaside with the UK Picks
  • Driving trip to Anacortes/Olympic Mountains with UK Picks


And then, these are the ones that appear to be “someone came to visit.”

  • Summer 2004 (?) – UK Picks and Ant came to visit our new home
  • Xmas 2007 – all Valleres came here.  That was the year of the big storm with the 4-day electrical outage.

I know there were a lot more visits to Sammamish but can’t place them by season or date.  Please help!  I’ll probably spend some time rereading the blog to place these things.

Xmas 2009, Xmas 2013, Xmas 2015, it appears we stayed home and had no guests.

There were a lot of “The US Picks went on a trip by themselves” which I will have to research on my own.

Should I post a list of the trips (either ours or yours) that we do know about?


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