And while I’m here…

…may I just rant about something?

Of course I may.

Why, why, why do people who are selling things online have to put the explicit circumstances of a personal tragedy in the listing?  I saw one tonight that said “I’m selling this yarn because I bought it to knit my husband a sweater and he just passed away.”  WHY?  Does this fact matter to the sale of the yarn?  Not really.  It’s just a play on people’s emotions.  I can’t stand this.  Usually it’s more along the lines of “I need money to fund [vet bills/kid’s school/alimony/whatever],” but any of this stuff really bothers me.  That yarn would have been perfect for an upcoming project of mine, but I’d never be able to look at it without remembering (a) the deceased husband (whom I did not know) or (b) the manipulative nature of the sale.  Yuck.