Why Things Happen

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Ramblings
OK.  I’ve had this problem with scissors and pocket mirrors.  I buy them; they go missing.  I can think of at least six pocket mirrors that I’ve purchased for my handbags, and can’t find a single one.  Ditto scissors.  It seems like every time I need to cut something, the only scissors I can find are the kitchen (food) scissors or my knitting scissors – I can never find the plain cheap ones we get from the drugstore for cutting twine, paper, etc.
Today I was rummaging around in my makeup drawer and I found the silver engraved compact that my parents had gotten me for my college graduation gift.  I instantly thought, "It’s a good thing I never carry THAT in my handbag, or I’d have lost it long before now!"  Followed closely by, "Perhaps I would stop losing compacts if I carried these fancy expensive types – because I’d be more careful about them."
So I am trying to figure out which of these is true.  Unfortunately I suspect my first thought was closer to the truth, and for that reason I will not test my luck by carrying the engraved compact.  I’m sure I would be heartbroken to come back and report that I’d lost it.  I can’t think of any other empirical way to test this scenario, though; can you?
Actually, the scissors scenario might hold the key to this.  I have a pair of gold-handled Solingen dressmaker’s scissors that Mom and Dad bought me for my 21st birthday.  I keep these in my knitting toolbox, which sits next to my knitting chair, and other than moving them from the box to my lap and occasionally from my lap to the shelf next to me, these never go anywhere.  And in all these years I’ve never lost them.  I also have upstairs two pairs of Gingher scissors, one small pair and one larger pair for cutting fabric.  These never leave the sewing room.  And then there are the kitchen scissors which we use for cutting up chickens or cutting open bags of food where we want the scissors to be clean.  These never leave the kitchen.
All the missing scissors have been toted around the house constantly.  They are usually in the kitchen drawer.  Alex uses them for art…then I take them to the front room to cut open a parcel…Chris may use them to cut open bags of birdseed or to slit open mail…so, they get used by a lot of people and moved around a lot.  This makes it easier to lose them, I think.
So…there’s my blathering for the day.  Here’s another Yu-Gi-Oh card for you to look at.  If any serious Yu-Gi-Oh players happen to stumble across these cards, please note that when I was making them, I wasn’t as involved a player as I am now, so I didn’t understand (for example) that "Normal" monsters are monsters without effects…or the nuances between spell cards & trap cards, for example.  Just roll with it.

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